Why You Need to Schedule a Checkup for Your Air Conditioning Right Now

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You love your air conditioning system. As soon as things begin to heat up outside you can be secure in the knowledge that while it might be getting pretty nasty out there in your home you can continue to enjoy keeping cool with ease with just the flip of a switch or two. In fact, you really don’t know where you’d be without it (hot, bothered and sticky most likely)

However new and sophisticated your air conditioning system is though, it is not infallible. And even if it seems to be functioning as usual when you flip that switch for the first time in months, there are all kinds of things that can affect an air conditioning system that means it is not running as well or as efficiently as it should.

All too often these things that can lead to both premature aging of the equipment but to a rather jarring increase in your energy bill. To prevent them you really will need to start thinking about scheduling an air conditioner checkup in Gladstone, MO, before the hot weather actually begins to kick in.

Little Problems Become Big Headaches

But why bother with the hassle of scheduling a checkup for your A/C when everything seems to be working just fine? The simple fact is that when in use, and even when not in use, your air conditioning system ages from the day it is installed, as is the case for any other appliance. Fan belts begin to slowly wear. Coils get clogged with the dust and debris they draw in from the air around them. Coolant lines can get plugged up as well and they can also begin to crack.

Often, none of these things will affect the operation of the actual air conditioning system too much. Maybe by about 2-3% in terms of efficiency. But if there are five ‘little things’ wrong that’s an efficiency decrease of up to 15% right away. And that decrease will not only put undue stress on the system as a whole but the extra energy it will need to draw will get that electric meter spinning far faster than you’d like.

The Time to Act is Now

You may not be thinking too much about the summer in general right now. Heck, spring is only just beginning to really seem like it’s here so why not enjoy that instead and worry about air conditioner checkups later? You have cleaning to do first and then there’s some garden work that needs your attention too.

While this may be sound enough thinking you so have to remember that you are not the only household in town that is blessed with an air conditioning system. And because you spent a decent amount of money to have it installed in the first place, money you don’t want to spend again anytime soon, you do want it serviced by the very best professionals you can find.

There is the point. The summer season is, rather obviously, very busy for any HVAC company and for a really good one (which really is the one you want to hire) it can be very hectic, to say the least. Once the mercury begins to really rise and all of those older, less well-maintained units begin breaking down your chances of getting an air conditioner appointment quickly are seriously decreased. Which means your units will be running at 15% decreased efficiency that whole time, pushing them further towards becoming older and unreliable too.

Scheduling an air conditioner checkup in Gladstone, MO now will only take a minute and the check itself won’t take too much time either. Once it’s over, and you have been reassured that ‘all systems are go’ you’ll be free to get on with what you really want to do; enjoy a nice cool house all summer long with no worries.

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