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/Heating and Cooling Repair in Smithville, MO
Heating and Cooling Repair in Smithville, MO 2017-10-10T12:58:17+00:00

HVAC repair in SmithvilleEveryone wants their Smithville, MO home to be pleasant and pleasurable to spend time in. And while that probably means, for most, making sure they have nice comfortable furniture and just the right home decor keeping their homes at just the right temperature – warm in the winter months, cool when the spring and summer return – is important too.

Making sure that this is the case is one of the things that Arctic Air offer to the community as the area’s leading heating and cooling specialists. But that is far from all that we have to offer!

Furnace Repair in Smithville, MO

Winter can be a wonderful time of year. There’s the holiday season to look forward to of course but there are also cozy evenings in front of the TV, home-made stews and the simple but important pleasures of just spending time t home with loved ones. All of this is rather spoiled though should your furnace fail and the heat go out. The winter can start look more nightmarish than magical.

The good news for Smithville, MO residents however is that help is always no more than a phone call away. Day or night, 24/7 Arctic Air – and their highly trained techs – are available to rush to rescue if your furnace fails, your boiler breaks down or your hot water tank throws a hissy fit.

A scheduled check up can be your best defense against winter weather disasters though and our dedicated techs are available to access the ‘health’ of your heating systems, make repair where needed and even help choose – and then install – new appliances when the ones in place have reached the end of their useful life.

Air Condition Repair in Smithville

Even if yours is a relatively new air conditioner or HVAC system it is not immune from the problems that can affect any cooling system and lead to a breakdown. And we know, a hot sticky 90 degree house on a hot sticky 90 degree day is no fun.

Because we know how miserable it can be living with no way to keep your home effectively cool our fast, reliable 24 hour emergency service is available in the summer too. And not only can we help get your home cool and comfortable again as quickly as possible we can also help make sure it stays that way with regular ‘checkups. ‘

Arctic Air Can Save You Money

As HVAC systems age they tend to be replaced, in the open market, with newer, more efficient systems that can both do their jobs more efficient and do them for less too. If you’re energy bills are sky high your older HVAC system may very well be to blame. At Arctic Air we can help you compare newer options, find the right fit for your home and then ensure that everything is installed to the highest standards possible.

And before we forget, a word about customer satisfaction and service. These are a high priority in everything we do. If you’re not happy, then we’re not happy, it’s that simple.