Understanding Floor Vent Registers 101 – The Basics

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Floor vent registers are a common feature of many homes and essential ones too. Unless they are properly installed and maintained though they can actually do more harm than good.

What are Floor Vent Registers?

Floor vent registers are installed in homes that employ a forced air heating system. In such a system hot air (and cool air if there is also a central air system in place) is blown out into rooms to provide heat or cool via floor vent registers, which are essentially metal plates with holes or openings in them to allow the “treated” air to come through.

It used to be that a floor vent register needed to be made from metal in order to be able to withstand the continual rush of warm air it was tasked with dealing with. That is not always the case any longer and now there are some treated plastic – and even specially treated wood – options available as well, a fact that really opens up the design possibilities.

Choosing Floor Vent Registers for Your Home

Because they are likely to be located in every room if your home does have a forced air heating system and on display all the time most people like to take some time to choose floor vent registers that are attractive enough to fit into their overall home decor scheme. These things may not be all that noticeable but someone is bound to pay them some attention at some point!

There are many different options available to choose from and whether you are installing a new system in a new home or want to replace less than attractive floor vent registers in an existing one here is a little information about some of the most common types:

Basic Floor Vent Registers

A basic floor vent register is usually a rectangular shaped object with long, straight rectangular vent openings spread at equal distances across it. They are very plain but they are also very unobtrusive, something that some home owners find fits in with their decor scheme very well.

Basic floor registers like these are usually available in several different color options and they are also the least expensive option. They can be just the right choice for a carpeted room in which you would prefer that all the attention be paid to the carpet and that the floor vent register fades into the background as much as possible.

Basic metal registers are usually the most durable and they do come in a number of attractive finishes. A simple plastic register is also often fine for a decor scheme where it is better that they are not too noticeable but these options may not last as long.

Decorative Floor Vent Registers

Decorative floor vent registers are often the choice of people who have hardwood or tiled floors as the register itself will inevitably be far more noticeable. In fact many people find that choosing just the right decorative floor vent registers can really help them put an extra special “finishing touch” on the overall look of the floors in the room.

There are literally hundreds of different designs to choose from. Some people love the look of an old fashioned and rather ornate Victorian inspired option, while others find that a slightly Art Deco style is a great addition to their home.

Raised Floor Registers

Most floor vent registers lie flat to the floor but there are some options that are raised, something that makes them look more like a heater. If you are interested in wooden registers then most of these options are of the raised variety and in the right decor scheme they can look very attractive and certainly unusual.

The Importance of Maintaining Floor Vent Registers

Dust and dirt are everywhere, even in the cleanest home, and this debris does tend to get drawn right down to the floor by a forced air heating or cooling system and it inevitably finds its way into the vent openings of the floor registers in the room.

Keeping these vents as clean and lint free as possible is crucial if the heating system is to function properly. Obviously air cannot pass through a clogged vent and it may even become a fire hazard so cleaning your floor vent registers regularly is a must!

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