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Water Heater Service & Installation in Gladstone – Serving Kansas City

When was the last time you actually gave much of a second thought to your water heater? Not recently we’ll bet. Most people simply don’t, until something goes wrong that is. When the hot water stops flowing as expected, that is usually the only time most of us give our water heaters in Gladstone, MO any attention at all.

Which is a shame. Because taking a little more notice – and better care – of your hot water heater can lead to all kinds of great things; energy savings, longer tank life expectancy and a decreased likelihood of unexpected ice cold morning showers.

Ready to become a more responsible water heater owner? Here are some tips and pointers to get you started:

Know How to Get to Your Heater

That may sound a little silly to some but there are more than a few homeowners that would be a little hard pressed to tell you off the top of their heads just where their water heater is. Not all of them are in plain sight in the middle of a basement. Often they can be tucked away in an attic, or in a corner of a basement nobody has looked at in ages.

Know What Type of Water Heater You Have

Do you have a storage tank type or a tankless type water heater? Is it gas, electric or propane powered? What is its capacity? Model number? Age? These are all things you should know, especially if you call for water heater installation or repair in Gladstone, MO. Take a few minutes now (or very soon) to actually go and look at your heater and jot all of this information down and then keep it in a safe place.

Know How to Turn Off the Fuel Supply AND the Water

Water heater leaks happen. And when and if they do you really should know how to minimize both potential damage and danger by turning off the fuel and water supplies to the tank before the repair crew arrives. It’s a good idea that everyone in the home knows how to do so actually, so arrange a ‘practice drill’ for everyone.

Keep Things Clear

Some people do tend to store things around their hot water heater, especially in the basement. But however short on storage space you are; don’t. Many water heater leaks are slow ones and go easily unnoticed because a pile of ‘stuff’ hides the signs for weeks, maybe even months. In addition, you need to have easy access to the tank in case of an emergency and so the area should be kept clear at all times.

Schedule Those Checkups

Your water heater, no matter what type it is, or how old or new, really should be checked by a professional on an annual basis. Not only will this help catch and prevent problems before they can cause real trouble but regular maintenance can significantly increase the tank’s useful lifespan as well.

Know When It’s Time for a Change

Nothing lasts forever, and that includes water heaters. Even with all the right maintenance 12 -15 years is often the longest they’ve ‘got’. Trying to coax along an outdated, overworked water heater because you really don’t want to go to the expense and hassle of replacing it is never a good idea in the long run. Increased energy bills (bad heaters draw far more power to try and keep themselves running) and an increased risk of sudden – and very inconvenient – failure should convince you of that!

Emergency HVAC Repair

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